Appeals and complaints

Journal Complaints and Appeals Process

The journal accepts appeals regarding editorial decisions, complaints regarding delays in paper handling, and concerns related to publication ethics. Detailed and supported appeals regarding editorial decisions will be addressed by the editor(s) of the journal initially, who will evaluate their validity. If deemed valid, the appeal will be reviewed by the journal's editorial board and/or external peer reviewers. The outcome of this review will lead to a new editorial decision being made.

In accordance with the guidelines provided by the Committee On Publication Ethics (COPE), AJPS will thoroughly evaluate complaints, appeals, and allegations. This evaluation process applies to both pre-and post-publication stages. When a complaint is lodged with a journal, it is required to be forwarded to the editor(s) of the journal, who must then address the issue in accordance with COPE guidelines. If necessary, the allegations will be referred to the appropriate institution for further investigation. Depending on the investigation's outcome, the published record will be updated accordingly, accompanied by a post-publication notice, either in the form of a correction or a retraction. This notice will be linked to the original article via a permanent digital object identifier (DOI) and universal resource locator (URL) to promote transparency and maintain the integrity of the publication record. Only in exceptional cases, where it is in the best interest of the public, may an article be removed.

If you need to submit a complaint or bring up a potential case of misconduct to a journal, or if you wish to appeal an editorial decision, you can follow these steps:

  • Reach out to the editor(s) of the journal and provide them with a detailed explanation of your complaint or appeal.
  • In the event that your complaint revolves around the editors of the journal, you have the option to address your concerns directly to the publisher. To do so, write an email to the editorial office at [email protected].