Author Guidelines

Types of paper

Please make sure to categorize your contributions for publication according to the following options: original research papers and reviews. When submitting your work, please select the respective article type from the provided list. If you are contributing to a special issue, make sure to choose the special issue article type from the list.


Al Mustansiriyah Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (AJPS) publishes papers on various aspects of pharmaceutical and bio-medical science. AJPS is a fully open access journal. Open access (OA) refers to free, unrestricted online access to journal articles. OA content is open to all, with no access fees. According to Budapest open access initiative.

- The manuscript should be typed, single-spaced on A4 (21cmx 29.7cm) with 2.5cm margins on all sides. Times New Roman font 12 pt should be used. The fonts used in the text as well as graphics should be restricted to Times New Roman, Headings.

- The manuscript should be submitted to AJPS (OJS) and divided into two separate MS Word Document file

  1. The research must not have been previously published or subject to publication in another journal
  2. The researcher should send a written request to publish the research, indicating the title of the research, and the full name with the academic degree should be sent to each of the researchers participating in the research in both Arabic and English separately, stating the contact addresses. The instruction can be obtained from the journal's website or the college’s scientific journal un
  3. Write the information below, in both Arabic and English, for the first page of the research only:
    1. The research titles
    2. The names of the researchers without abbreviation & scientific title & certificate obtained
    3. The place of work for all researchers participating in the research
    4. Each researcher's email
    5. Write on the first page of the research
    6. Abstract & Keywords·
    7. Abstract: should be written separately in Arabic and English, provided that the number of words does not exceed 200 words
    8. Introduction
    9. Materials and Methods
    10. Results: Figures and tables are presented clearly and printed separately
    11. Discussion
    12. The reviewer:
      *Journal: researchers name/research title/journal name/year/issue/page
      *Book: researchers name/title of book/edition/publisher/place of publication/year/page

      4. The researcher receives the comments of the reviewers to be corrected and returned to a system

      5. Correspondence an address                                            
                                                                      Email:[email protected]                          
                                                                      Email: [email protected]


- All manuscript accepted for publications must be approved by referees and revised by the editorial board. The editorial board reserves the right to ask for modifications of the text by the authors in case of the refusal of the submission the auther can appeal using the below email:

                                                                         [email protected]


To ensure that the manuscript is thoroughly checked for plagiarism using the Turnitin software, a fee of 10,000 IQD is required. Kindly remit this amount to the Unit of the College of Pharmacy. Additionally, please upload copies of the payment receipt to the email address of the journal.

Upon acceptance of the manuscript by the journal, Iraqi authors will need to pay the remaining fees of 115,000 IQD for manuscripts of ten pages or less, with an additional charge of 10,000 IQD for each extra page. Foreign authors, however, are exempt from any payment obligations.

To download a search template ready to help the researcher in the context of the journal please download the template click here .


Manuscript Submission and Verification

During the online submission process of a manuscript, it is crucial to confirm that it has not been previously published in print or electronically, and that it is not being evaluated for publication elsewhere. Furthermore, if there are any related materials or sources that contain similar content or data, and have been published before or are currently being reviewed elsewhere, it is important to include copies of those as well in the online submission.


Authorship Criteria

Authorship designation should be reserved for individuals who have demonstrably impacted the paper. This impact can be evidenced through substantial contributions to the paper's conception, design, work, or interpretation. All those who meet this criterion should be recognized as co-authors.
The corresponding author assumes the responsibility of ensuring the accuracy of the author list. This includes verifying the inclusion of all contributing co-authors and the exclusion of any individuals who did not make significant contributions. Additionally, the corresponding author must confirm that all co-authors have reviewed and approved the final manuscript and have consented to its submission for publication.


Editing Manager

Al Mustansiriyah Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (AJPS)

 -Prof. Dr. Ghaith Ali Jasim
College of Pharmacy , Mustansiriyah University
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +9647901965695

-Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Zubaidi
College of Pharmacy , Mustansiriyah University
Email:  [email protected]
Phone: +9647824819665


-Senior Programmer . Dianah A. Sadeq
College of Pharmacy , Mustansiriyah University
Phone: +9647702841564