Some Variables Affecting Microencapsulation of d–alpha Tocopherol Succinate


  • Khalil I. Yehia



d-alpha tocopherol succinate, (Vit.E) is one of the most important vitamin, that is incorporated in food and nourishment due to its high biological activity against free radical formation inside cells.
This study was illustrated in the followings:
- Microcapsules of d - alpha tocopherol were prepared from different core:wall ratios 1:1 , 1:2 and 1:3 by solid dispersion method using ethyl cellulose (Ethoel ®) polymer .
- The powdered microcapsules with 1:1 core:wall ratio is formulated as tablets with good appearance and hardness.
- The drug release was found to be increased as a function of increasing, core:wall ratio, stirring speed and pH – medium.
- The profile of cumulative different pH – medium release of the drug gives rise an indication of prolonged release dosage form. “ during 6hrs. of dissolution”




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Yehia, K. I. (2006). Some Variables Affecting Microencapsulation of d–alpha Tocopherol Succinate. Al Mustansiriyah Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 3(1), 1–10.