Qualitative and Quantitative investigations of Furocoumarin derivatives (Psoralens) of Haplophyllum tuberculatum (Rutaceae)


  • Arif Diar
  • Jawad Enas
  • Al-Khateeb Ekbal
  • Al-Shamma Ali




Haplophyllum tuberculatum is an indigenous plant widely distributed in Iraq.
Phytochemical investigation of this plant indicating that the plant is rich in alkaloids, fixed and volatile oils; but non about psoralen contents. Preliminary investigation indicated that this plant has furocoumarins in acceptable amount.
Based on these results together with literature survey it was deemed desirable to carry out this phytochemical work with emphasis on isolation and characterization of the furocoumarins compounds.
Detailed preliminary investigation of the furocoumarins content of the dried, ground whole plant has been described and the results were discussed.
Thin layer chromatography of the petroleum ether (boiling point 60-80ºC) extract demonstrated the occurance of furocoumarins compounds in the plant.
The extraction procedure of the plant material, the fractionation and isolation procedures of the furocoumarins are fully described.
One compound was isolated and identified as Ammoidin by TLC (compared with standard), melting point (148°C), mixed melting point (148ºC) and HPLC.
Spectrophotometer apparatus was used to determine exactly the amount of Ammoidin measured at 304nm at UV absorption. In Haplophyllum tuberculatum the maximum amount of Ammoidin was found in sample collecting from Daquok during June.