Attachment of Proteus mirabilis to human urinary sediment epithelial cells in vitro


  • AL-Araji K. Mohammed



In vitro attachment of 335 Proteus mirabilis strains from various human sources to human urinary tract epithelial in adhesive capacity was found between Proteus mirabilis strains were isolated from the blood of 30 patients with Bacteria, Burns swabs 59 infected skin, the stool of 36 healthy subjects and 56 patients with diarrhea and the urine of 62 adults and 92 children with bacteremia. High mean adhesion values were observed in all groups. The Proteus mirabilis strains attached only to sequamous cells and not to transitional epithelial cells.
The attachment of Proteus mirabilis to sequamous epithelial cells was high about day 15 of the menstrual cycle of the epithelial cell donor, but low at the beginning and the end of the cycle.