The Impact of Vitamin D on The Development of Multiple Sclerosis (Review article)


  • Aseel Ghassan Daoud Clinical laboratory science /College of Pharmacy/ Mustansiriyah University/ Iraq.
  • Huda Jaber Waheed Clinical laboratory science /College of Pharmacy/ Mustansiriyah University/ Iraq
  • Mayssaa Essam Abdala Clinical laboratory science /College of Pharmacy/ Mustansiriyah University/ Iraq.



Multiple Sclerosis is a harmful disease causes severe and painful symptoms. In the recent period, researchers have tended to study the effect of vitamin D deficiency on general health. Several studies have reported that there is a relation between vitamin D levels and MS disease progression. Epidemiological testimony

and reports have recorded that there are an association between the decrement in plasma vitamin D levels and the incidence of MS also with the disease development; and it has seen that when take vitamin D as supplement may protect the MS patients against disease development. Despite clear evidence of the correlation between disease progression and vitamin D deficiency but the mechanism yet unclear.


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