Nigella sativa's protective effect in acetaminophen induced liver toxicity in mice

  • Mohammed Abdul Muttalib Abdul Bari Department of Pharmacyology and Therapeutics , Baghdad Collage of Pharmacy , Baghdad , Iraq


Acetaminophen has contributed to acute liver failure disease in more than half of the USA and Britain but as an analgesic and antipyretic it is very effective. For many decades in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Nigella sativa has been used for various medical purposes, it is part of the botanical family Ranunculaceae of


Gently sloping plants, and is called black cumin seed., Nigella sativa conjugated sterols could be used as precursors to many hydrosoluble steroids for hemisynthesis. The aim of the Study   is to examine the promising hepatoprotective effects of Nigella sativa against Acetaminopheninduce hepatotoxicity in mice in this experiment Forty adult male albino mice, incorporated in the experiment   and Acetaminophenwas used to induce hepatotoxicity in a dose of 1 gm /kg by the oral route.

A number of biochemical and histopathological tests have been used to evaluate liver damage and Nigella sativa protective effects. The result showed a significant protective effect of Nigella sativa against acetaminophenhepatotoxic effect as Nigella sativa in this study tended to normalize the serum levels of liver enzymes, and the protective effects observed clearly by the histopathological evaluation confirming that it effectively protected mouse livers against severe damage caused by acetaminophen. Conclusion in our study it shows that Nigella sativa   have a very significant protective effects against acetaminophen induced liver toxicity which is recommended to be fully investigation on human especially to people on risk of acetaminophen liver toxicity   

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