Diagnosis of Enteroviral-associated-Meningitis by RT-PCR for the First Time in Iraq


  • Faiza L. Tuama Central Public Health Laboratory/Molecular Biology Department
  • Yassen I. Omeran Al-Nahrain university/Collage of Science/ Biotechnology Department
  • Manal Khalid Abdul Ridha College of Pharmacy, Pharmacotheraputics dept
  • Walid K. Ridha Central Public Health Laboratory/Virology Department.




Enteroviral-associated- meningitis, EV-RT-PCR


Introduction: A protocol for testing cerebrospinal fluid specimens using RT-PCR for the diagnosis of central nervous system infections was developed 2 and used to test 20 CSF specimens.
Objectives: A-Evaluation of efficiency of In-house prepared Extraction reagent. BAmplified of Enteroviral-RNA genome by single-step RT-PCR. Methods: 20
cerebrospinal fluid specimens were included. RNA was extracted from 250μl by method Chomcynki, 1993. EV-RT-PCR was performed for all specimens studied.
Results: We successfully isolated total RNA from 20 CSF specimens of AM cases. Ten of 20 specimens were positive by RT-PCR.

Conclusions: Single-step extraction method was allowed isolation of RNA in 4hr. and provided both high yield and purity of un-degraded RNA preparation. EV-RTPCR detection test is suitable for clinical diagnosis of EV-related meningitis and may improve the management of EV-related neurologic syndromes.




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Tuama, F. L., Omeran, Y. I., Abdul Ridha, M. K., & Ridha, W. K. (2008). Diagnosis of Enteroviral-associated-Meningitis by RT-PCR for the First Time in Iraq. Al Mustansiriyah Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 5(1), 35–43. https://doi.org/10.32947/ajps.v5i1.388