Effects of Nano silver particles on mechanical properties of polymeric dental filling


  • Abbas abed lateef Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences / College of Pharmacy / University of Mustansiriyah.




laser, nanoparticles, light-cured, polymer, and dental filling.


Polymeric dental filling (light-cured dental filling) have many problems like polymerization shrinkage and weakness in mechanical properties. Recently, scientists found that nanoparticles are good solutions for many problems in dentistry.  Four nanoparticles were prepared ZnO, silver, ZrO2, and TiO2 by


sol-gel, laser ablation, chemical, and sol-gel methods. These nanoparticles were then added to light-cured dental filling as fillers. The polymeric dental filling containing the nanoparticles prepared were then examined by X-ray diffraction, depth of cure, compression strength, hardness (lower and upper surfaces), degree of cure, relation between depth of cure and degree of cure, diameter of samples, and polymerization shrinkage. The results showed that polymeric dental filling containing silver nanoparticles had the      maximum values of compression strength and hardness with improved mechanical strength with no polymerization shrinkage of the dental filling