Insights into medicated films as attractive dosage forms


  • Noor Hameed Alsaide Department of pharmaceutics, college of pharmacy, Mustansiriyah university
  • Nidhal Khazaal Maraie Department of pharmaceutics, college of pharmacy, Alfarahidi university



thin film, polymer, buccal, transdermal, local effect.


Different traditional dosage forms available in the market with many drawbacks including patient inconvenience, limited applications to several sites, variable bioavailability in addition to patent expiration. These drawbacks make pharmaceutical companies look for other drug platforms. Thin films loaded with active ingredients which are prepared as flexible polymer layer gaining acceptability in drug industry. They are easily prepared, adapted for administration of drug via different routes (to overcome several barriers) including ocular, dermal, transdermal, vaginal, oral and others. In additions, thin films are free of harmful chemicals and offer good drug stability. This review spotlights on the medicated thin films as alternative dosage forms that require further attention to maximize their performance and application.


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