Effect of Addition a Sodium Deoxycholate as an Edge Activator -for Preparation of Ondansetron HCl Tansfersomal Dispersion


  • Hind AbdAlameer Hadi Pharmaceutics Department, College of Pharmacy, University of Mustansiyria, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Ahmed Hashim Hussein Pharmaceutics Department, College of Pharmacy, University of Alkafeel, Najaf, Iraq




Edge activator, Ondansteron Hcl , phosphatidylcholine ,Transdermal route , Transfersomes , Sodium deoxycholate


In ordinary clinical practice, poor patient compliance with oral and parenteral drug administration modalities is a prevalent problem. As a result, pharmaceutical research has developed a strong interest in the transdermal route of drug delivery.

They are non-invasive that can improve patient compliance, however, The barrier function of the skin's top layer presents the biggest challenge for transdermal delivery systems. Transfersomes are vesicles composed of phospholipids and edge activators, used to transport drug from outer skin layer into the systematic circulation through semipermeable membrane. Ondansetron is an anti-emetic medication that has been given parenterally and orally. Formulating this medication as transdermal transfersomes may provoke a great advantage in medical adherence.

Conclusion; Ondansetron has been successfully delivered transdermally by Using a transfersomal gel formulation by vortexing sonication method.


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