Oral Jellies for Improving Oral Drug Delivery in Dysphagia


  • Zainab H. Mahdi Department of Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq




: Bioavailability, Dysphagia, Gel forming polymers, Preservatives.


For many years, oral solid dosage forms were the most preferred dosage forms for a wide range of population due to their safety, efficacy, stability, cheapness and ease of administration. Swallowing difficulties and bioavailability problems are the main disadvantages for this rout.

For this reason, researchers try to develop easier rout of administration such as orodispersible tablet, mucoadhesive, sublingual and oral jelly was developed in an attempt to overcome this restriction. The ultimate purpose for this research is to introduce opportunities of providing the oral jelly as a suitable alternative to the readily available solid dosage forms of the same medicament, representing by that easily swallowed dosage form with improved bioavailability


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